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New Filtering and Sorting Capabilities Make Finding and Working with Content Quick and Easy

Originally posted: 1/10/2019

This page includes information about modifications and enhancements to the knowledge center service, Candid’s institutional repository solution for the social sector.

Edit Tool Enhancements

We’ve added new filtering and sorting capabilities to your content search tool so that you can quickly hone in on the titles you’d like to modify.

Filtering: In addition to searching for content by title, you can now use filters to quickly build highly specific lists of content with or without first performing a title search. The new filters enable you to:

easily limit your search to a particular property
quickly find content that is published and available to your site visitors
quickly find content that is not available to your site visitors
easily limit your list to featured and not-yet-featured content

If you have set up custom categories you can now:

easily view content by category
quickly access content that you haven’t yet categorized

Sorting: We’ve also added new list sorting capabilities. You can sort your lists on content title, name of person who added the content, and the date that content was added.

Bonus! We’ve also added a new “View in Context” column to your edit list. Now you can see and access all of the properties where your content is being shared throughout IssueLab’s local distribution network which includes IssueLab’s Special Collections and hosted partner Knowledge Centers. (Your content may be shared in many other external properties as well. Learn more here.)

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