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Important update corrects issue with Knowledge Center platform analytics data

Originally posted: 1/9/2020 

This page includes information about modifications and enhancements to the knowledge center service, Candid’s institutional repository solution for the social sector.

Analytics Tool Data Fix

At the end of 2019, we became aware of an issue with the data we use to power our Knowledge Center analytics tool. The data in question comes directly from our Knowledge Center platform’s Google Analytics account and is used to provide familiar fundamental usage data about visits, page views, and downloads occurring in the Knowledge Centers that we host.

We identified two discrepancies within the code we use to pull in data. These discrepancies caused the insights available through the analytics tool to be slightly incorrect. Essentially, our tool was slightly underreporting downloads and more substantially underreporting page views.

We have corrected the code that we use to query and extract Google Analytics data and are confident that the information available in the Knowledge Center analytics tool is now accurate. If you used the analytics tool recently, it’s a good idea to re-run your reports to ensure that you are accessing accurate data.

Please note: If you supplied your own Google Analytics account information to use for data collection in your Knowledge Center, your account’s data was not affected. In other words, when you log into your Google Analytics account to view usage statistics about your Knowledge Center, that data was not impacted by our code or platform and it should reflect accurate Knowledge Center usage.

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