Distribution network

At first glance, Issue Lab may appear to be a digital library where anyone can discover insights and analysis about the work of social good. Issue Lab also performs two important and large-scale sharing functions that aren’t immediately apparent: both with the global knowledge commons and through Candid’s ecosystem. 

Sharing with the global knowledge commons

When you add knowledge to Issue Lab, you’re tapping into a distribution network that pushes the content we collect to knowledge seekers all over the world. We sync with other discovery systems to move content all over the Web, into libraries, and into content aggregator collections. 

This is how a 2020 Giving Tuesday report is accessible through Worldcat. 

This also how a 2021 Opportunity America report, which has a social sector digital object identifier (DOI), is shared through Crossref.

Sharing through Candid’s ecosystem

We share the content collected in Issue Lab throughout Candid’s products and services. For example, we incorporate reports into our coronavirus and racial equity special issue sites and issue hubs such as our democracy site

Candid’s knowledge center service also makes it simple for social sector organizations to create and host their own libraries and easily find and add content from other knowledge centers, special collections, and Issue Lab’s main collection

When you add your knowledge to Issue Lab it will likely be shared in these ways. 

Sharing your content with the world

Maintaining the systems and relationships that make global sharing possible is part of our mandate to connect people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do it. 

Add your organization’s content to Issue Lab and let us share it far and wide. It all starts with a free account