Digital object identifiers (DOIs)

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Journal publishers automatically apply digital object identifiers (DOIs) to articles published in academic and scientific journals to manage access and tracking. Now, social sector organizations can do the same for the knowledge they produce. 

DOIs support accurate knowledge management and a way for organizations to gather knowledge-sharing metrics, going beyond producing a report to publishing it. 

When you attach a DOI to your published work, you ensure that it’s always discoverable online and that you can track how often the work is accessed over time. They also open the door to metrics such as citation tracking and alternative metrics, or “altmetrics”, that measure interest and attention paid to works in social media venues such as Twitter and Facebook, and in online news sites such as the New York Times. 

Although there are usually fees associated with DOIs, it costs nothing to get a DOI through Candid. We created our free DOI service to help social sector publishers get in on all the benefits, without the associated costs.