About Issue Lab

Issue Lab is where Candid collects, preserves, and shares research reports, whitepapers, evaluations, case studies, issue briefs, and more. Our knowledge base is published and/or funded by social sector organizations, and is one way that we connect people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do it. 

Anyone can create a free account and add their organization’s qualifying content to Issue Lab. Candid shares this content on our website, in topical special collections, and through our distribution network which persistently shares the content we collect globally. 

Candid also integrates Issue Lab’s holdings throughout our products and services, providing social sector insights and analysis in a variety of contexts. 

We offer services that help organizations create and share collections of published works: 

  • The knowledge center service is designed to make knowledge preservation, curation, and sharing simple for foundations, nonprofits, and associations. 
  • The legacy collection service centers on the knowledge preservation needs of spend down foundations, sunsetting organizations, and organizations that are phasing out a program or initiative. 

We also make it simple for social sector organizations to obtain digital object identifiers (DOIs) at no cost. DOIs are permanent unique identifiers that act as tracking devices for the objects they are attached to (in this case a published work). They provide a persistent link to a work and provide tracking to reflect how many times a work has been requested online, regardless of where the link is provided. 

More about Issue Lab

Special collections

Our special collections are issue-driven, interdisciplinary deep-dives into current events and topics related to civil society. The list below includes actively curated collections. Archived special collections are also available.

Distribution network

Our distribution network pushes the content we collect out to knowledge seekers wherever they may be. We sync with other discovery systems to move content all over the Web, into libraries, and into content aggregator collections


Candid tools for knowledge sharing include services that enable smart curation, preservation, and knowledge sharing and discovery.  

Collection policy

Our collection policy supplies in-depth details about how we obtain and maintain the resources in Issue Lab’s main collection and special collections. Our copyright, preservation, and metadata policy are explained as well as our inclusion criteria.